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    Thousnds of men died in four years of the bloodiest fighting the era has ever seen. Men stormed toward eachother in the thousands with a rain of cannon fire and bayonett charges. The men did not fight for country or blacks, they fought so they could survive. Because after the war did it matter who won, as long as neither one had to admit they were wrong. The ultimate desire to escape the constraints of a heritage. The need to be treated as you desearve, and not how your father deserved. Racism prevails today, and there is a fight, but it doesn’t matter who wins, as long as neither side has to admit they were wrong. ultimatley we all need the same thing. To be treated as individuals, and not as separate cultures. Why can’t people remember they are Americans, whether they were slave or free 150 years ago doesn’t matter, make a name for yourself. Act like an individual and people will treat you as such. Think for yourself, and keep an open mind.

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