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    What is a ‘Chinese Firedrill’ and where did that expression come from? I hear that expression humorously applied to any confused or chaotic activity involving a bunch of people, but have no idea how that could relate to Chinese people OR a firedrill.
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    Roger T.

    The term ‘fire drill’ for the game you describe is one of those that gets used somewhat perjoratively in association with a particular group or race, depending on which group in which location is using it. For example, as a teenager I first heard it described as a Mexican Fire Drill, but when I worked in northern British Columbia it was known as an Indian Fire Drill. Later, in urban Canada, I heard of it as a Newfie Fire Drill and even as a Japanese Fire Drill.

    I find it somewhat humorous, as well as revealing of their prejudices, that people adapt jokes and such expressions as these to whichever people or group or race they wish to belittle. Here in Canada, living and working in different areas, I have heard the same joke told as a Polish joke, a French (Quebecker) joke, a Newfie (Newfoundland) jok and an Indian joke.

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    names mean nothing

    I think it’s a reference to a racist joke. China DOES have a lot of people and if you try to imagine if all of China had a firedrill at once, it would be pretty chaotic (outside in the streets) So that is likely what that is.

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