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    Why can’t Chaldean men marry black women?
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    Name : J-D, City : N/A, State : MI Country : United States, 


    Chaldean men can marry black women, but it is frowned upon in the community. It is also frowned upon to marry white women, or really any ‘non-Chaldean’ women, for that matter. The reason isn’t racism, though. It’s self-preservation. Because Chaldean people do not have a country of their own, their only hope for keeping their culture and people alive is to marry their own kind. They want to have ‘Chaldean’ grandchildren, and marrying black, Irish, Polish or any other group will make that impossible. P.S. I know of at least one marriage between a black man and a chaldean woman.

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    Name : Jeff, Gender : M, Race : Chaldean, City : N/A, State : MI Country : United States, 


    I think saying you won’t marry anyone who is not from your ethnic group is a form of racism, no matter how you try to justify it.

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    Name : Lanee, Gender : F, Sexual Orientation : Straight, Race : Black/African American, Religion : Christian, Age : 22, City : N/A, State : MD Country : United States, Education level : 4 Years of College, Social class : Middle class, 

    P.H. Factor

    I don’t believe you can call a group of people racist because they refuse to marry outside their race. With race comes culture, and when that culture no longer has a group to perpetuate its ideals, then that culture will soon die out and the world will suffer because of its demise.

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    Name : P.H. Factor, Gender : M, Race : Black/African American, Religion : African Methodist Episcopalian, City : Baltimore, State : MD Country : United States, Occupation : composer/student, Education level : 2 Years of College, 
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