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    Both my parents & their siblings were raised by immigrant parents who spoke little or no English, yet all of them learned to speak proper English. Many of them went on to college, several to grad school. This is true of most of my contemporaries. Why do some African Americans complain about unequal treatment while failing to do what other successful ethnic groups have done, i.e., respect their heritage and practice it at home, while learning proper English and using it in public? Do you think Colin Powell, Condoleeza Rice, Barak Obama and Clarence Thomas would have reached their positions without speaking properly?

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    Name : ShirleyAvery, Gender : F, Disability : none, Race : White/Caucasian, Religion : Jewish, Age : 52, City : st. louis, State : MO Country : United States, Occupation : writer, Education level : 4 Years of College, Social class : Middle class, 


    Too many poorer inner city folks (of all races, but largely black and brown) have been raised to be believe it’s a sell out to speak properly. Add to that the current hysteria in support of “cultural diversity” and you’re left with huge populations of people who can’t or won’t learn to speak English. I live between two large immigrant populations. The Asians ALL learn to speak English. The Latinos are being actively discouraged to speak English by open borders activists. I don’t think anyone really knows what they hope to achieve. The current situation is Babel. So perhaps chaos is the goal.

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    Name : Dot, Gender : Female, Age : none, City : L.A., State : CA Country : United States, Social class : Middle class, 
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