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    I’ve always had a problem with my height, though I’m not extremely short. I’m about 5’2′, 135 lbs and for most of my life, I’ve felt.. Well, unappealing. While my mother is about 5 feet tall, my dad is around 5’8′. My brother takes after my dad in height, my older sister is 5’6′ and by all indications, my little sister will be around that height also. This rather makes me think–‘Why me?’ Did genetics skip me? Basically, after all that whining… My main questions are: Why is it that a lot of asian people shorter than average(as in, the typical white average)? If you’re still 5’2′ at 18(and haven’t grown in 3 years)… Is that it? You’re done? And also, do those ‘height increasement’ programs work, at all? Or are they another scam?

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    Name : Fay, Gender : F, Sexual Orientation : Straight, Race : Asian, Age : 18, City : Eugene, State : OR Country : United States, Occupation : HS student, 
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