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    Why do so many African-Americans pronounce the word ‘ask’ as ‘aks’ (as in axe)? (Similar question posted April 14, 1998, by ‘Phur’ of Flint, MI; May 3, 1998, by Murph of Detroit, MI; and June 5, 1998, by Rich, 56, white,, Sylmar, CA)
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    Name : Bob-N, Gender : M, City : N/A, State : MI Country : United States, 


    responding to a previous reply which was ludicrous, you cannot compare ‘aks’ with the british ‘ahsk’. the difference between the british and american pronounciations is simply in the vowel sound. the black version ‘aks’ is incorrect because the consenants are backwards. it is a result of blacks not having the same lingual eptitude as whites. not to be bigoted just honest- blacks make better athletes but dont have as high an intelligence level as whites and frankly dont on average have the ability to pronounce certain sounds correctly.

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    Name : doug, City : dallas, State : TX Country : United States, 
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