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    I’m all for capitalism, however, what are some of the real reasons (OUTSIDE OF PROFIT)that many Asians operate beauty suppply and clothing stores in black neighborhoods? Are Asians interested, like, enjoy African-American people and culture? Do thay have black friends? I ask this because the times I have entered these establishments they usually have their radios on stations they play R&B or Rap music. Ninety-nine percent of merchandise is black themed, not necessarily created by blacks/Africans. But many of the owners/workers are distance with conversation, extremely watchful to the point of paranoia of our existence in these store. Yet expect black consumers trade. A thought. As knowledgeable as many Asians are of some African/American consumers, we are also knowledgeable of the many Asian races/cultures/consumers. And would any feel offended if a black person opened an Asian restaurant, yoga center, or a boutique of Asian wares?

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    Name : Heather, Gender : F, Race : Black/African American, Age : 41, City : Indianapolis, State : IN Country : United States, 
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