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    In my personal experience, there are far more attractive Asian women dating unattractive (socially and physically) white men than the other way around. In fact I always question the motive of the Asian women dating the unattractive white men. Some I have found have serious denial with their racial identity and hence tried to erase their Asian blood line through interracial relationships. Some wants to be seen as Americanized and thinks being in the arms of a white man (any white man) will make them appear less Asian. Some hold their white boyfriends as a trophy to brag to their Asian friends b/c they believe whites are superior to Asians. And ofcourse there are some who just fell in love regardless of each other’s races. As for why some white guys date Asian women (exclusively or not), it could be that they have an asian fetish. We call these people asiaphiles, these are the same people who incorporates so much of the Asian culture/custom in their life that you think it was an Asian person trapped inside a white man’s body. Some men believe that Asian women are loose or have some unusual sexual ability above other women. They get this misconception from the negative stereotyping of Asian women in the media. And ofcourse there are those white men (regarless of attractiveness) who fell in love with an Asian woman because of their personality and charm. The latter I would like to see more of, it’s definitely refreshing. As for the asiaphiles and those lusting Asian women b/c of some stupid stereotypes, please God don’t let these people procreate!

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    Name : Sinstinna, Gender : F, Sexual Orientation : Straight, Race : Asian, Age : 25, City : Bethesda, State : MD Country : United States, Occupation : CPA, Education level : Over 4 Years of College, Social class : Upper class, 
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