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    As a white male, I’ve heard many of my Asian female friends say something to the effect of this: ‘I think that it is creepy for WMs to only want to date AFs. It is a form fetishism or racism’ Well here’s my question: how is this any different from asian women who only want to date white men (and, more specifically, NOT asian men)? Especially considering that most of these asian women have closer cultural ties with asian men, many if not most grew up around other asian families in their neighborhood, isn’t this an especially extreme form of racism (against men of their own ethnicity)? I have gone out with several Asian women who tell me they have never dated an Asian man before, which I find VERY surprising! I mean think about how odd it would be to come across a white woman who has never dated a white man before- I’m sure it exists, but it is VERY rare. When asked about it, many say it is ‘just personal preference’, but when this preference is shared by a very large percentage of asian women (in some asian subgroups, marrying a white man is MORE common than marrying an asian one) I think some deeper issues need to be explored. Some say dating an asian man would be ‘like dating their brother’. You NEVER hear this from white women- why does this mindset exist in asian women? 3 of the asian women I’ve dated have had cosmetic surgery to make their eyes ‘look less asian’. This makes me wonder something: if these women find asian eyes unattractive on themselves, is it not logical to say that they would not be attracted to a man with this feature (i.e., they would not be attracted to asian men)? Since this is an ethnic feature common to asians, is this not a form of self-hatred? Extending this argument further, if asian women don’t find asian men as attractive as white men because of their asian features, then do they also feel that they are not as attractive as white women? An asian woman colleague of mine at work shocked me when she recently said of her new baby: ‘I’m glad I married ‘Bob’ so my baby doesn’t look so ‘Chinkie’. I was speechless, as I had no idea this mindset existed. Along this line of thinking, would an Asian woman find her daughter (with a white man) less attractive if the child inherited more of her asian features? Would an asian woman think of her child (with a white men) as less attractive than if the mother had been white?

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    Name : Mike, Gender : M, Sexual Orientation : Straight, Race : White/Caucasian, Religion : Christian, Age : 27, City : Kansas City, State : KS Country : United States, Occupation : Architect, Education level : Over 4 Years of College, Social class : Upper class, 
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