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    I have read several anthropological references to people of East Indian descent being considered ‘white’ and even ‘Aryan.’ I’m curious about this because my wife is Madras Indian and is not fair-skinned. What are the real roots of ‘Aryan’ people, who we always thought were fair-skinned and blonde and of Germanic or Scandanavian descent?
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    The term ‘Aryan’ refers to people who speak Indo-European languages. These people are from Europe, Iran and North India. South Indians (including those from Madras) are Dravidian by origin, and the languages they speak are unrelated to those spoken in the north. Most North Indians are descended from Indo-European (in this case Sanskrit)-speaking tribes that originated from the Caucasus area. The Dravidians, which originally inhabited the whole of India, were eventually displaced and forced to move south as more ‘Aryan’ invasions occurred. Hence, people from the extreme North of India (usually tall and fair-skinned)look and are distinct from South Indians (who tend to be short and dark).

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