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    Here in Finland, Oct. 24 is the ‘Day of United Nations.’ It’s traditional nowadays, celebrated every year. Do other nations celebrate this day?

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    I live in Canada and I never heard of such a thing as a United Nations Day. How do you celebrate it?

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    Tomas S.

    In Germany, definitely not. It might be listed in the more comprehensive kind of calendar, but I don’t think a lot of people are aware of it. Curious, since the public opinion on the United Nations is that it is a good thing.

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    Hello to your school. Here in the United States I have never seen a celebration in schools or cities/towns for United Nations Day. It may be listed on ‘official’ days — but so many things are, such as ‘National Pickle Relish Week’ (!) that no one really pays much attention. On the other hand, my church, the Unitarian Universalists, to which perhaps 800,000 North Americans belong, has several days of festivities and other programs, since this church firmly supports most United Nations programs, such as UNICEF. These activities are persued within the church community, though.

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