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    How do the beliefs and practices of Mormons differ from those of mainstream Christian faiths? Would a Protestant or a Catholic consider them to be Christians? Do they consider themselves so?
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    Yes. In order to be a Christian you have to believe in Christ. Mormons believe Jesus Christ to be our Savior and King.

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    I think those who have a belief in Christ are considered Christians, all as one under God the Father.

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    We Mormons consider ourselves Christians. We believe in Christ, and that only through Him and His sacrifice can we be saved. Other Christian sects believe us to be a ‘false’ or ‘counterfit’ Christianity. The fact is, most of our beliefs are identical to mainstram Christians. For whatever reason, a lot of people ignore the similarities and focus on the differences. The main differences between Mormons and mainstream Christians is that Mormons believe in continuing revelations from God, and in a modern-day prophet.

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