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    Sorry to put yet another question on such a sensitive issue, but with the recent Israeli-Palastenian conflict, one of the things that struck me was how any peace deal could never seem to be reached on account of the 2 sides not being able to tolerate the existence of each other. Yet despite this, I am sure there are many people on both sides who want peace. But it seems that leaders on either side are unwilling to accept any compromise. One think that particularly struck me was Shimone Pere’s speech in the mid of last week, as he lamented on how difficult it was satisfying the Palastinians demands. While I’m sure that this may not be representative of the issue in its entirity it did remind me of something I heard at a muslim awareness rally in my University a few months back. It was mentioned that the Palastinians and the rest of the Arab world cannot recognise the existence of the state of Israel as it runs contrary to the ‘prophecies’ of their religion. How true is this? If it is, then would the Palastinians never be satisfied until they had full control of the territory? Would the Arab world ever be able to live with the existence of a Jewish state in their midst under any circumstance?

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