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    I can’t understand why some oppose abortion also oppose birth control. Yes, I know it’s the Catholic church’s policy, but it’s time to get real. Effective birth control is the best way to avoid abortion. “Abstinence only” lectures just don’t work in the real world. I have a Catholic friend who refused to educate her kids on birth control since “they shouldn’t be doing IT”. Her daughter got pregnant at 16 and one of her sons got his girlfriend pregnant. If you sincerely want to end or minimize abortions, be a strong advocate of effective birth control. Also in this age of AIDS, it’s crucial to educate teens on the facts. Condoms are not 100% effective, but they’re a lot better than nothing. Parents, you can convey your values and at the same time educate your kids to k

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    They are trying to control the “souls” of people and mistakenly believe that preaching will get the job done. How can they ignore the obvious? How many weekends in a row have the same Jehovah’s Witnesses ignored the mezzuzah on my front door in an attempt the “save” me? Religion makes people insane, period.

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    Catholics are controlled by A single dictator, and anything he says is law. The true catholic therefore has a large flock mentality, with little individuality or reason. So blame the pope. Good thing I don’t have to worry about birth control

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