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    What are the problems associated with clitoral piercings?

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    First, you don’t say exactly what kind of piercing you’re referring to. You can actually pierce your clitoris, but this is a tricky piercing and can cause nerve damage. Most women get either a horizontal or vertical hood – the skin that covers the clitoris. I have a vertical hood piercing, 14g. Honestly, it’s the easiest piercing I’ve ever had. The pain was minimal and the healing was extremely quick. I was able to have sex right away and I’ve never had a problem with it. This is true of most women I know who have similar piercings.

    The main problems would be tearing and infection. In the first 4 to 6 weeks after piercing, you should not have unprotected sex. It is an open wound, after all. (You shouldn’t be having unprotected sex, anyway!) You should also clean the area twice a day or so, preferably with a sea salt solution (just like the aftercare with any other piercing, I suppose). Tearing can be avoided by not doing anything painful. Go slow during sex until you figure out what feels good and what doesn’t, what makes you sore, etc. Don’t let your partner pull on your jewelry. Don’t you pull on your jewelry. Common sense rules here.

    You will probably also want to experiment with jewelry. Some people like rings, some like barbells. I like both. The bigger the gauge, the less likely your piercing is to rip. But if you’re going 12g or larger, consider titanium jewelry – it’s lighter.

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    Hopefully you have gone to a respectable, certified tattoo/piercing place, and they have set you straight. The problem is that if you get the actual clitoris pierced, you run a 50-50 chance of losing all sensation. Wouldn’t THAT be horrible. Various other piercing, such as hood piercing and labia piercing, are the most popular. The hood is the extra piece of skin covering your clitoris. When you become aroused, it slides back to expose the clit. That is most commonly pierced because the ring or barbell is lying directly on top and provides extra sensation when rubbed upon. Labia piercing is basically ornamental. They are pierced on the outside of the lips.

    A note of warning, however: the size of your hood determines what you can get done. My friend and I both got our hoods pierced. Mine took a while longer, just to locate enough skin to pierce. Because of that, it isn’t holding on by much and therefore makes rough foreplay or sex somewhat risky. Even though my friend has much more skin and hers is a lot deeper than mine, when she engages in ‘activities,’ it still hurts.

    As far as the stories about getting off when you are walking, while I do not feel anything, she claims that if you sit the right way, you feel a little tingle, but not the rush of an orgasm.

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