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    Does anyone feel that Western Culture is in a steady state of moral decline? While good things have come about over the recent decades (civil rights, liberal reforms, etc.), it seems that the moral culture has steadily lowered its standard. Case in point: Alice Cooper and KISS were the freakiest guys on the block 20 years ago, and hip hop was light-hearted and fun. Today, Marylin Manson and Cannibal Corpse make them look like puppy dogs, and ‘thug pimps’ rule hip hop. 20 years ago, only teenage boys cussed. Now, teenage girls can out-cuss the boys. 50 years ago, you could go for a leisurely stroll through Pico-Union at night. Today, someone who does that is suicidal. It seems to be all across the board, from marriage & family to popular culture to a multitude of other arenas. Has anyone observed this? What’s behind it? What do you think? Any input is much appreciated.

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    Name : Dan27293, Gender : M, Race : Hispanic/Latino (may be any race), Religion : Pentecostal Christian, Age : 21, City : L.A. area, State : CA Country : United States, Occupation : student, Social class : Lower middle class, 
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