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I am a white female who went to work in a large company where I was one of a handful of whites (less than a dozen out of nearly 200.) I was assigned to a black female supervisor and was the ONLY white female ‘on the team.’ We were permitted to dress casually and had UNPAID meal breaks. When I even went to the bathroom, I noticed that I was followed by one the black supervisor’s cronnies. This supervisor INTERFERED EVEN BEFORE WORK BY IGNORING THE FACT THAT I WOULD SIT IN THE EMPLOYEES’ LOUNGE–BEFORE CLOCKING IN–AND TRY TO READ MY BOOK AND ENJOY A CUP OF COFFEE. HER COMMENTS WERE IRRELEVANT AND VERY ANNOYING. On Fridays, dress down day, she REQURIED that ‘her team’ eat at a certain eatery–despite THE MEAL BREAK BEING UNPAID. At first, I could accept that. WHAT I DID NOT ACCEPT WAS THE FACT THAT THE BLACK SUPERVISOR WAS AT THE TIME ASKING ME PRYING, ILLEGAL QUESTIONS ABOUT MY PERSONAL LIFE. AFTER ONE SUCH INCIDENT, I GOT UP AND WALKED OUT. When confronted, I TOLD THIS NOSY, INTERFERING FEMALE THAT THE BREAK WAS UNPAID AND/OR THAT I WAS UNDER NO LEGAL REQUIREMENTS TO ANSWER HER NOSY, INTERFERING QUESTIONS. When I later learned that she was trying to coerce me into dating a certain black male in the same company, I consulted an attorney who specializes in work related law. I WENT OVER THE SUPERVISOR’S HEAD WITH MY COMPLAINTS OF RACIAL AND SEXUAL HARRASSMENT. THE SUPERVISOR WAS SEVERELY REPRIMANDED! WHY WHINE IN SUCH A SITUATION? AN ATTORNEY IS A MUCH BETTER SOLUTION! (*THE BLACK NEEDED TO LEARN NOT TO TOUCH PEOPLE WITHOUT PERMISSION; NOT TO ASK ILLEGAL QUESTIONS AND NOT TO TRY AND COERCE EMPLOYEES INTO AN UNWANTED RELATIONSHIP!)

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