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I haven’t heard that – the standard ‘joke’ I’ve always heard is that women are bad drivers. Maybe women tend to be a little more tentative, which can be dangerous (or at least annoying). Men also generally outperform women in spatial areas, so there is probably at least a slightly greater proportion of men who are good at doing things like quickly parallel parking. However, I think women are better drivers in that men are far more likely to be overly aggressive. Most road rage incidents involve men, and men – especially young men – are far more likely to speed, tailgate, etc. I think that when women are the most dangerous is when they are driving around with a carful of kids. Simply being a mother seems to have an effect on women’s driving. I have a good friend who was a great driver until she had kids. I became terrified to be in a car with her. She was always distracted, if not directly by what the kids were saying or doing at the moment, then by thinking about the dozens of things she had to do. She got into several accidents by doing things like sailing right through stop signs while simultaneously looking for an address and paying too much attention to her kids. I think men are better able to focus on one thing and not allow all those distractions, so they probably do better on that score.

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