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I’m interested that you find it annoying, as a Korean, to be mistaken for a Chinese person. I lived in Korea for almost three years, and everybody automatically assumed I was from the States (I was born and raised in Canada). They next asked if I was Russian. Some of my Korean friends asked me how we could differentiate between the ‘Americans’ and the ‘Russians’, as we lived in a major port city, Pusan, with lots of sailors from Russia. The best I could do was the following: facial bone structure is more telltale than eye shape or nose size, and if they’re tourists, clothing brand names and fashion styles are a dead giveaway. Now that I live in Australia, I can spot most visiting Koreans, and Japanese a MILE away, because I’ve become familiar with their dress styles, and some basic physical attributes. In Australia now, though, as soon as people hear my accent, they also assume I’m from the States. So, it’s best to stick to the general terms: Asian, North American, South American, European, African…. you get the picture. Coming from a multicultural country, I usually don’t look for ‘ethnic’ signs first, I just assume you’re Canadian or Australian (when in-country) until proven otherwise.

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