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Rob, I am an experienced headhunter and executive coach, and I can state unequivocably that, in reality, the average person has three distinct careers in his/her lifetime, and works with at least seven different employers. Could it be that you’ve bought into the ‘gold watch myth’ of our fathers that says you should step on one career ladder and stay on it until you’re 60 and retire with a plaque and gold watch?

Believe me, after talking to hundreds of people and writing tons of resumes, I can tell you that reality is otherwise. Are you different than you were at 22? If so, what you do probably should be be different, too. Talk to a career counselor or just someone savvy whom you trust. Read ‘how-to’ books. Interview people who do something you think you’d like to do. Call your community college and ask if they offer career assessment services. Figure out what exactly is so scary about ‘changing my life’ (parents/others’ disapproval, money concerns, fear of the unknown, fear of making a choice that doesn’t work out, lack of clarity about what you want, etc.) and then deal with your fears step by step. It’s done every day, and you can do it, too, if that’s what you want. Follow your passion.

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