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I don’t get it, either. My best guess is that white culture (well, northern Europen culture) is much less open about sexuality – until very recently, all sex was thought of as somehow dirty, kids were given vague euphemisms to explain sex to them, and parents weren’t openly affectionate in front of children. When you grow up in a culture where nobody talks about sex and it’s sort of nasty and dirty to begin with, the taboo of sex itself becomes associated with other taboos. Enjoying sex is akin to or associated with enjoying other bad things – pain, shit, etc. Of course, this is not true of all white people or parents or households; many of them have very healthy attitudes toward sex. But I do think that Latino and black cultures are more open about sexual desire, and perhaps that’s why fewer black and Latino people are into kink. Of course, there’s also the argument that in America, there are just more white people; if less than 20 percent of the population is black, and a small percentage of the population has a thing for whips and chains, it’s going to be a very small part of the population who’s both black and into whips and chains.

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