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Most sports are competition oriented, which is what keeps people watching and doing them. Sports are a battle of strength, endurance, wits, etc. that lend themselves to spectacle. Why do people get so hyped about the Super Bowl? Partially because it saturates teh media for the week preceding it, but also because the audience is hoping to see two teams who are at the top of their sport perform to the best of their ability. As for why some people make it the center of their lives, I think many of those people wish they had the talent to make it at the professinal level, and they can live out their dream through the athelete or team they follow. Plus some people just love some sports. I like basketball. It doesn’t rule my life or anything, but as long as a good game is on, I’ll watch it regardless of which teams are playing. I’m not a sports nut, though, so I can’t really give you teh fanatic’s perspective.

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