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I can’t speak for all Westerners, only for Brazilians. We tend to take care of our elders; it’s our duty to them. Not only to our parents, but we feel responsible toward uncles, aunts or any relative in need. Family (and I mean the extended family) is highly regarded in Brazil. People offer advice, help, a roof, whatever is needed for a relative (or close friend) in need. I wish my parents a long and independent life, but if at some point they cannot take care of themselves, we will have to move in together again. I won’t consider sending my parents to an ‘elders’ home.’ I can’t see any of my friends doing that, either. Our parents will be part of our lives and responsibility for as long as we live. From all my relations and acquaintances, I know of only one family that sent their grandfather to a ‘home.’ It’s not for me to judge their reasons, but honestly, I find their decision hard to approve.

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