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Sidna, Keep in mind that the flood was passed on by word of mouth for thousands of years before being documented. The flooding was likely caused by planetary climate changes resulting from either the end of the ice age or an orbital shift of the Earth-Moon system or combination of both. Inspite of what the bible says, most would agree that it would be impossible for the whole Earth to get covered with water. Hence the Earth has always had about the same amount of water on it. The end of the ice age as most of us know was due to a recession of the Earth polar ice caps. When the polor ice caps goes into recession, the result is a collection of water vapor in the atmosphere thus resulting in increased cloud covers and lots of rain! In order to conserve momentom, the Earth will occasionally shift orbit and undergo a modest change in its polar axis as well. Even though the actual change would be hardly noticable, it would be enough to alter the four seasons and climate throughout the world. You would know if the Earth shifted orbit and axis if the compass on your Jeep’s dashboard points the wrong way!! As far as the collection of species goes, it most likely involved cattle being moved to higher ground. I tend to believe that the story was far exagerated since a lot of people did die and lost their homes and heritage. Ask yourself: What would happen to us today if the polar ice caps where to completely melt. –Christopher A. Davis <>

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