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Reparations for African slavery are a touchy subject at best. Unfortunately, since I believe that most Americans do not want an honest discussion on slavery and its history, there is no simple or even practical way to go about reparations, if indeed the U.S. government decided to pay them. But the logic behind reparations, like much of the logic that comes out of the present day Civil Rights professionals, is tragically flawed. Just who should pay these reparations? The descendant of the slaveowner? How the about the descendant of the poor white who owned no slaves? How about the descendant of the free black who owned slaves? Or do we go further back and sue the Spanish, British and Africans who started the slave trade? Do we force the descendant of New England shipping captains who hauled the slaves to the New World? There is no clear logic here to be found because the history is simply much more complicated than what most people have been led to believe.

Unfortunately, the real issue behind reparations has honestly nothing to do with condoning past wrongs and making up for past sins. One would think that 600,000 dead white people would have been enough for that in the War of 1861-1865. No, the real driving force and impetus behind the reparation argument is the continual guilt-tripping of the majority by the minority in an effort on the part of the minority to remain relevant. The NAACP and other professionals, having lost the battles in their own back yard on drugs, crime, poverty, responsibility and the host of other problems that wrack the black community, would rather focus on pie-in-the-sky issues like reparations. Blacks would be behooved to forget such nonsense and work to improve their own lives by their own hands – the true essence of the American Dream that still holds true for everyone.

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