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I am an anglo woman and have recieved vulgar remarks from latinos as I was passing by them. But, I do not feel that these vulgar remarks are limited to the latino race. But I will say, if you felt that racist remarks was being said here about latino men, you responded but racist remarks about anglo women. So you are just as much a racist. I do have to say, If you feel that Cuba has made more progress in womans rights, why are you here. You are obviously not happy here with the limitations, you perceive are placed on women here. I personally have seen many Latino women, who are very subservant to their men, and I personally see no problem with this, a woman being dedicated to her man. Why are you ashamed to admit to this. Oh well, I have said my piece I am sure many will disagree with what I have written.

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Name : Donna, City : Wrightwood, State : CA Country : United States,