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Renata: I know more than a few educated, middleclass sistas who would disagree with you. Blacks don’t want mates who are financially stable and someone with whom we can build a future? I guess we feel lucky if we can simply snag our baby’s daddy? Color alone dictates our personal preference/criteria for our mates? Really, the implied stereotypes are sickening! Come on. Don’t sell us so short. And since you’re black, how can you profess to know what’s important to whites when they consider spending their lives with someone? I hope you were simply responding off the cuff and had not given the response you posted some serious thought because it seems very flawed to me. I agree with Gary, even if ‘Jungle fever'(a term I find exceptionally offensive)initially occurs, I would argue that mature adults marry for mutual respect, common interests and love (did we forget this factor in the discussion?) Lastly, I think that some white women may be more reluctant to marry black men because: 1)They are more attracted to white men. Nothing wrong with personal preferences, and no one has to justify his/her preferences to anyone else. 2)There is a greater social backlash for marrying a Black man oppose to marrying someone from any other ethnic/race. We know the history in this country. Many of us have witnessed a common scenario: Black woman sees black man with white woman, and the white woman sometimes feel likes the sista’s killer stare will do her some serious injury. 3)Simply haven’t been involved with a black man with whom she felt was a potential life partner irrespective of his race.

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Name : Zawadi, Gender : F, Race : Black/African American, Age : 34, City : Farmington Hills, State : MI Country : United States, Occupation : Publishing, Social class : Middle class,