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Like you said, there is no way of knowing now. Only time will tell. Now about your question; For every boy, the times are usually much the same. I have seen, through networking in the gay community, that there are two major groups of people who know WHEN they are different. Like me, I always knew i was ‘different’ but didn’t associate this with sexuality until the age of 11 or 12, around the age of puberty. Now, I have many gay friends who are like me, and others who knew since a very young age, around 5-7. Your boy may know he likes boys, so please make sure that your husband tries not to scold him for acting ‘gay’ or saying things that could be associated with homosexuality, as this could be taken as rejection by your son. Talk to your husband about the possiblities of your son being gay, so you see exactly where he stands and work on him so his feelings don’t affect the relationship between him and your son.

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