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Contrary to what you may think, from my observations at a high school with many minorities, African Americans were among the first to participate in sexual activity (there is no harm in this statement, it’s just an observation). In fact, in the great state of Minnesota, the pregnancy rate for 15- to 19-year-olds was highest among African Americans (almost 4 times that of Caucasians), followed by Hispanics, whose rate was almost twice as much as Caucasians (1990 Census). This pattern continues throughout almost all states in our country. I know pregnancy rates may have little to do with how much girls may ‘put out’ because some may choose to use protection, but I just thought these would be some helpful statistics.

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Name : Jana20925, Gender : F, Sexual Orientation : Straight, Race : White/Caucasian, Religion : Christian, Age : 18, City : Maple Grove, State : MN Country : United States, Occupation : student, Education level : Less than High School Diploma, Social class : Upper middle class,