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Do you really think all caucasian’s care about animal rights? I would like to think some minorities do as well. Do you really think most caucasians dont care if innocent babies are killed in Iraq or anywhere for that matter? You know someting, I care. Do you really think minorities are the only ones abused by the police? Your wrong again. There are minorities who are animal rights activists, there are minorities who support the war in Iraq and there are minority police officers who are abusive and even torturous to young caucasians. I know that last one by experience. So please take a second look at your views and try not to be so stereotypical. If your going to be racist why dont you get more specific. Say you are racist against white irish people or italian whitte people or hungarian white people. Or I think in your case you are the most judgemental to the people in power. So please be more specific. As it turns out in my opinion, you just being an individual, have been more hypocritical then most mass groups of people could be.

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Name : Robert29543, Gender : M, Race : White/Caucasian, Religion : Christian, Age : 25, City : Mount Morris, State : MI Country : United States, Education level : 2 Years of College,