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I think some men are basically insecure about others’ perceptions of them. They have developed a double standard of beauty that promotes their interests and deflects attention from their own perceived shortcomings. I believe men are responding to both biological and social imperatives. As animals, men seek members of the opposite sex who project health and physical fitness. They perceive these qualities as making the best mates, and the most likely candidates for bearing offspring. In our society, some men view these as qualities in a woman that make her a ‘prize.’ They think a man who is able to select and keep a mate with these qualities enhances his social status. In our society this is often true in the eyes of other men, and surprisingly, with women. When some men examine themselves, especially men who are not physically fit or who otherwise view themselves as unattractive, they perceive they will not make good mates. This challenges their biological and social drives, and makes them fear they will not be able to attract women. By fostering a double standard of beauty that applies only to women, these men project their self-concept on others, deflect attention from themselve and seek to explain away their inability to attract mates. It is sad that we have developed social standards that place physical beauty among our highest standards for evaluating others.

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