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In an ideal world, being proud of being you should never be offensive. In the real world, people view pride in a different way: that ‘pride of having 3 ears’ means ‘I’m proud that I have 3 ears INSTEAD of 2 like others have’. And it’s that ‘instead’ that holds the secret. A bumper sticker that said ‘I’m proud to have two legs’ would be viewed as if you said ‘I’m proud that I’m NOT an amputee’. Picking on minorities is generally viewed as kicking someone who’s already down. Not a very charming message, unless your society saw amputees as evil, dangerous, unacceptable people. When one of the many minorities in society express pride in being what they are, it’s viewed as the underdog barking a little to show that it’s still alive and likes being what it is. We in the western world traditionally sympathize with the underdog. Even unpopular minorities like neo-nazis are allowed to bark and strut about, as long as they are few and relatively harmless. I hope this rant helped you a little.. I rant, and I’m proud of it!

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Name : tore-bolhøj24287, Gender : M, Sexual Orientation : Gay, Age : 26, City : næstved, State : NA Country : Denmark, Occupation : unemployed, Education level : 4 Years of College, Social class : Lower class,