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I think it has more to do with what is expected of us, and how quickly things can be done. I’m an illustrator. When I first started to work in this field in 1983 there were days of breathing time built in as sketches and things were mailed back and forth. Then came overnight mail, and there was less time. Then faxes, and there was even less. Then working on the computer, and there was even less! People expect their machines to work quickly, and I’ve noticed that they expect the people to work just as fast. Everything is speeding up. And, since the things we are doing are far more complex than what the computers are doing (they are just manipulating lots of ones and zeros; we are actually correlating ideas, images, and other intangible things) and we are organic and need things like food and sleep, it’s just not working. The key, I think, is to remember that we are not machines. And the best part of that is that we have free will, and can say ‘no.’ A small word, but a handy one. I learned to use it whenever an editor would ask me if I could do a painting in two days. I learned to use it whenever my sons would ask me if I could sew them a costume by tomorrow morning for a school play. I learned to use it whenever it was necessary. It took some time, but I did learn! And suddenly, I had breathing room again.

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