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I know exactly what you are talking about. Indians (from India) as well as South Asians have a deep-seated color complex that is based on their own history of racism. Indians have the caste system, where dark Indians are treated like dogs while they praise white white white. Asians do the same: Japanese think they are better than Chinese, who think they are better than the many other dark Asians as well as all blacks. They detest dark skin and hate themselves. Why do you think most Asian women literally throw themselves at white men and only white men? They think the lighter the better. Believe me, Asians have no love for black people because they have been put down and hated for their skin, so what do they do to make themselves feel better? They turn around and do the same thing to black people.

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Name : Angela, Gender : M, Race : Black/African American, Religion : Christian, Age : 30, City : Washington, State : DC Country : United States, Occupation : writer, Education level : 4 Years of College, Social class : Middle class,