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Nehal Patel

No country or people deserve what happened on Sept. 11th. It was an appaling act of murder and is condemned by mostly everyone I know. However, a Muslim friend of mine actually thinks what happened was justified, which I thought was pretty shocking. He believes that the US had it coming to them, because of their acts in the past against other countries and cultures, namely Islamic countries, and the Islam faith. Sept. 11th was somebody rising up against a corrupt, and racist superpower. Although I completely dismissed his views as ridiculous, in a strange way I felt that there was some truth to it. MAYBE America WAS a racist nation. MAYBE somebody was finally going against this wrong nation. And MAYBE I agreed with it. But then I remembered thousands of innocent lives being lost in the attrocities. There was NO way that that could be right. So in answer to your question, most of us non-Americans do not think that what happened was deserved, and most of us strongly condemn it. One question though: Why was it not picked up by the US Intelligence agencies? If it happened in any other Western country e.g. UK, France, Russia, and many other countries e.g. China, Japan, India, it would have been realised, so why not in the ‘greatest country in the world?’

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