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I am a vegetarian (aspiring to be a vegan, but currently unable to commit to that lifestyle and maintain a healthy diet.) I don’t eat fish, poultry, eggs, red meat, white meat, or green meat. Although technically eggs are not always considered to be meat. Eventually, I will cut out dairy, and any other products associated in any way with animals – however, i can only to commit to what I can go through with safely, it can be a step-by-step process for some people and a cold turkey things for others. Also, there are oils and healthy fats in fish that aren’t in beef or chicken, and there is less unnecessary cholesteral and fat in fish. If people are doing it to be healthy, that might be an issue as well. Before you criticize people who are trying to change their lifestyle, maybe you should look at yourself and the hypocracy that lies in eating meat and killing innocent animals when you are perfectly capable of surviving healthily without it.

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Name : Jayme, Gender : F, Religion : Agnostic, Age : 18, City : Salt Lake, State : UT Country : United States,