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Stereotypical Americans eat McDonalds, wear tennis shoes, are illiterate and have no concern for global warming and feel that the world should envy them? What planet are you from? Sure I’m proud to be an American. Are we the greatest country in the world? Depends on what your definition of great is. Are we by majority nice people? Definitely. While I march my Euro American ass through life I am greeted and embraced by those that are Iraqi, Ukrainian, Polish, British, Spanish, French, Philipino and practically ever other country and/or culture in the world. I eat hoummous with my Arabic friends, splurge on Russian chocolates and vodka with my Ukrainian friends, drink Vietnamese coffee with my Vietnamese friends and enjoy a Guinness or two with my sister’s British tenant. Where else in the world can you do that? To say that Americans are selfish may be true. To say that Americans are rude may also be true. To say that Americans are unhospitable and single-minded and racist is absolutely false. I, like most of my peers, am a person that appreciates the world that God has blessed me with. And I appreciate everyone who is in it. Regardless of race,religion, creed, etc., etc., etc. Maybe some of you, who are so eager to criticize the rest of us who hold our country in high esteem should realize where WE’RE coming from. We have spent the last two hundred years welcoming people from every country and continent in the world with open arms. Maybe YOU should be a little less critical and realize that WE are LIKE YOU and only trying to live one day at a time. We, too, wish the best for our children. We, too, wish the best for your children. The only thing the majority of us want is WORLD PEACE. May the rest of you wish for it as well.

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Name : Lisas, Gender : F, Race : Human, Religion : Methodist, Age : 29, City : Suburb of Detroit, State : MI Country : United States, Occupation : Real Estate, Education level : 4 Years of College, Social class : Middle class,