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Well, I think that the reason why that people have problems w/ males being uncircumsized has many points to it. For one, it could be the appearance. Think of putting on a turtleneck sweater. Sure the sweater thing isn’t too graphic, but when it’s brought down to a level of genitalia, it seems ‘alien’ in its own right. When erect, an uncircumsized penis has the same appearance as if it was circumsized. Just that the foreskin is pulled back around the head. Another factor about uncircumsized penis’ is regular hygiene. Because the foreskin is still present, there leaves an area which is not exposed, which in turn will allow bacteria to collect, and if not washed regularly, can become infected. All it is, is just the pulling back of the skin, and proceding to wash via soap and water. For some, they feel that it is natural, and that there is nothing wrong w/ the foreskin being left there. In some cultures, circumsision is seen as evil, because it is part of the human body, and removal of it would be cause for disaster. It’s like saying, if you were born, and they removed your arm, just by choice. You would be able to simple tasks such as, opening a jar of peanut butter, but it would not be as easy, due to one less arm. But comparing the penis is like apples and grapes. You would be able to procreate and excrete waste w/ or without the foreskin there. It is just the choice of the parents when the baby is born, to have the baby circumsized or not. The one positive side to having the foreskin present, is in the center of the head, there is a nerve which allows a greater sense of stimulation. Since the foreskin is removed at birth, that nerve is still there, but the level of stimulation, would be, I’m guessing, be just about the same, or a little less. So regardless of opinions, feelings, or preferences that people have, the individual who is viewing the genitals, will draw their on conclusion to whether or not they deem it ‘apropriate’. Personally, I am not circumsized, and it used to bother me because when you’re young, you are more concerned about what everyone else’s looks like. But as time went on, the acceptance becomes higher and higher, and if that other person you are with, happens to see it, will normally ask questions about it, and want to know why an individual’s penis wasn’t circumsized. So, the significant other can decide whether or not they want to accept the fact that the penis isn’t circumsized.

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