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I believe that suppressing emotions is very common. The question is: Is this a good thing? No. If you suppress your emotions, the pain, anger, fear or whatever will be internalized and expressed in a different way. I will stifle reactions sometimes so I won’t offend or rock the boat. Consequently I will get a sore neck, back pain, heartburn, gastric distress or even a full-blown stress attack. I was under a great deal of stress recently, and instead of dealing with it, I just pretended everything was fine. That night my heart raced and pounded for 30 minutes. I made my husband get up and check my blood pressure. (He has a blood pressure monitor.)

Sometimes, there could be another reason people are not expressing emotions. Are you under medication? I know that some antidepressants could have this kind of effect. Why don’t you discuss this with your physician or someone you respect and trust?

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