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As a hairdresser for the past 20 years, I can say with some authority that a large portion of people opt for a budget hairdressing experience or they colour and cut their own hair. (This is actively encouraged by the advertising campaigns of beauty companies) Some people save up and pay for an optimal service, which should outlast 3 budget visits anyway. And…not all people see their hair as a priority! Some people are quite neurotic about their hair, and some people simply see it as an extension of the fashion of the day. It can be frustrating to look at, but it only really matters to some people! I find it amusing.

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Name : RW, Gender : F, Sexual Orientation : Straight, Race : White/Caucasian, Religion : Agnostic, Age : 34, City : Brisbane, State : NA Country : Australia, Occupation : Uni Student/Snr Hairdresser, Education level : Technical School, Social class : Middle class,