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This is very normal Jaime. All of your life you have only been surrounded by people of your culture and race so basically it is what you are immune to, anything different would not feel right. For example a mother who breastfeeds her child initially and then all of a sudden puts them on enfamil….once you are used to something for a long time you become familiar with it and already have set in your mind that these are the people who are most like yourself. Personally..because of my personal views and upbringing I would never date outside my race..let alone marry..It could be just a personal has nothing to do with being has to do with what you are attracted to. If you don’t judge others you’re fine..Personally I do not believe in interracial love when the man is black and the woman is white..but that’s another subject

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Name : Essence-P, Gender : F, Race : Black/African American, Age : 18, City : Washington, State : DC Country : United States, Education level : 2 Years of College, Social class : Middle class,