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I find that many athiests don’t believe in God because they just don’t want to be held accountable for anything. They’re the type who refuse to accept the fact that they may not have absolute control over their lives. After all, if no one is judging you, what’s stopping you from doing anything you want? Morals? How could you possibly believe in morals when the morals of our society are based on the belief in God? God created both good and evil. God created Satan with the full knowledge that he would betray him. Everything has a purpose; without evil we would have no concept of what good was. Without sin we would have no concept of righteousness, we would have no choice but to be good. How could we possibly prove that we love God and want to follow his way if we have no other choice? You could even give purpose to all the diseases that exist in this world. Mosquitoes and parasites obviously have their own purpose defined in nature. Are we to say that God, being all powerful, and all knowing, is supposed to make our lives a living paradise? What reward would there be in heaven if this existed? Just because these things happen in the world doesn’t deny the presence and power of God, it just proves that we need him even more.

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