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On my dad’s side, I come from a long line of hillbilly/mountain-man dirt farmers from Appalachia and the Ozarks. My dad’s generation was the first to emerge out of welfare-level poverty and into solid blue collar status. So I do sympathize for the poor white man, because 3/8 of me comes from a long line of them. I think that the stigma attached to poor whites is due to political correctness. Before the 1960s, society despised minorities. They saw them as overwhelmingly and deservedly poor, worthless, and inferior. Poor and working class whites were seen as salt of the earth, the backbone of society. Also, back then most people were working class anyway. However, we minorities fought hard for our rights and won them. Now, anyone who talks bad about minorities is a social pariah, and rightly so. Yet poor whites are the replacement scapegoat. While racism is alive and well, I believe that ‘classism’ has surpassed it in this country. The Klan and Hoover’s FBI are no longer the threats they were, but entities such as the World Trade Organization, soft money-addicted politicians, and corporations who put profits over people are seriously affecting the quality of life for many Americans.

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Name : Dan27290, Gender : M, Race : Hispanic/Latino (may be any race), Religion : Christian, Age : 21, City : L.A. area, State : CA Country : United States, Occupation : Student, Social class : Lower middle class,