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Floyd L.

To blame such behavior on the boredom brought on by civilization demeans and limits the concept of civilization itself. There are other albeit non-white civilizations, some more long lived and certainly no less legitimate, where such behaviors are not so characterizing. And, as pointed out in the question, there are other non-white ethnic groups even within the white-male dominated western civilization that do not embrace such depraved behaviors. To suggest that these other systems or non-white groups are somehow less civilized because they are less boring or less bored shows the extent to which some whites will seemingly go to put a coat of decency on any white behavior, regardless to how aberrant or depraved it may be by he standards of almost anyone else. This outrageously self-serving attitude of exonerating white behavior, too often accompanied by equally excessive criticism of the behaviors of non-whites, seems to underly so much of the abuse and destructed wrecked on mankind by so many whites.

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Name : Floyd L., Gender : M, Age : 59, City : Memphis, State : TN Country : United States,