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I see the problem as twofold: 1) The modern Bible is, at best, a very bad translation from the original ancient Greek, Aramaic and Latin texts. For instance, the modern King James version of the Bible (in the New Testament) uses the word ‘homosexual’ when, in fact, that word did not even come into usage until the 19th century in Germany. The original text (ancient Greek) uses a word that is commonly accepted by the majority if linguists as meaning ‘male prostitution’ – a common practice in Paul’s time (men servicing mainly women). People will accept these inaccurate translations as correct because of their belief that the Bible is the ‘word of God’ and thus is incapable of containing human error (be the error purposeful or not). 2) Much of what is written in the Bible is taken out of context. For example, Paul’s writings in the New Testament are letters to various churches throughout the Middle East. Paul was addressing complex issues specific to the churches to whom he was writing. Without knowing those specific issues, trying to understand what Paul is saying is only viewing one side of the story. This is also true with the Old Testament. Take what the Old Testament says about marriage – that wives must be subject to their husbands. Marriage in the Old Testament times was not a matter of choice for the woman – the choice of husband was made by the woman’s father, and men often had multiple wives. Thus, if you try to apply what the Old Testament says about marriage without knowing what marriage meant in those times, you are taking the message out of context.

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