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I’m not a fan of the genre but am of a few genres that many people are also not favorable of, like country music and extreme metal. I’ve found that one’s taste in music is not only built on images, but also on what they hear all the time. With music like popular rap, which is available all around MTV, cars, commercials, etc. people begin to become familiar and accustomed to it. Besides, though I dislike most of it, rap music has its merits. The drums and rhythm are like no other music before it, and are very catchy to the ear. Plus, even if the music is lacking, there is a whole culture, including breakdancing, graffiti, fashion and politics, that goes along with it, that many people find interesting and deep. Music has always been different strokes for different folks and probably always will be. That’s why new music is always coming out and there litterally is something for everybody.

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