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Me too

Well, the answer is simple enough. When we were brought over on the Middle Passage to this hemesphere to work as slaves more often than not slaves were converted to Christianity by their masters and forbidden to pratice their native religions. Furthermore they were taught to abhor everything of their mother continent and embrace everything European, i.e. Christianity. However, in other places where blacks were brought into slavery, their masters occupied themselves much less with the pretentious obsession ( of the white Americans) with the salvation of their souls, and left them to practice what hybrid forms of religious expression they pleased. As is the case in many Carribean countries. In Haiti, for example where most people are Catholic, there is also widespread belief in voodoo and worship of many African gods and goddesses in conjunction and harmony with the Catholicism. In short, religion is something passed down but was influenced largely by the regulations or lack of imposed by the slaveholders.

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