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You would need to live the life of one. It really is hard to explain, but to sum it up: Take the girl who falls into some kind of school sport when she is younger. As the years progress she doesn’t take it seriously,but it is something she just does. (This is a girl of any race by the way). Then all of a sudden boom Puberty hits. She then before she knows it is wearing size 36C, The ideal breast size that actually gets more appreciation from. (I’m saying this because usually the bigger the breasts the more a girl weighs.) In high school anyway. At any rate this girl is the first in her grade level to have such growth in breast and on top of that it shows more because she is in shape from the sport she played. This girl Now takes on the perhaps Persona of the black male (of course that isn’t the right description, but oh well). So by this I mean, to many of the boys in school she is known as the girl with the big breasts. She goes through her school days and then even daily life noticing that she is getting a lot of attention. A lot good and some of it bad. Smiles from random guys and even men way older than her notice her. Then on the other side jealous girls who are either jealous of her breasts or jealous of the attention she gets, etc. Of course this can bring out all types of emotions; however, us being humans we usually go for the good experiences that makes us feel good or smile. Of course not every experience that will happen that should be good will turn out good, but hey it’s life. So now to turn it around, instead of big breasts, it is skin. And instead of hitting puberty, it is being conceived. So it is not so much the monogamy of a black man, it is the monogamy of an African American, who is usually not fully African to say because of slavery and interracial marriages. I am not pulling the racial card, but being a black man and meeting blacks from other countries, their loyalty to relationships is completely different. Talk to someone from Africa or somewhere else in the world; their lives and perspective are different. We grow differently from child to adult, based on our upbringing. I myself grew up in Texas. The high school I attended was one of the last to be segregated in the metro area I lived in. So to keep it even shorter: We live in this oppressive life where we are the sh*t, so to speak. The majority of the population of the country that we come in CONTACT with and on T.V. are not black. This being Popular T.V. that is spoken highly of or openly discussed. We are only really known in the media for being Athlete, Singers, Ghetto or Funny. We don’t have a place where there is no entertainment. So this being said, this being something we experience through our lives and stimulated constantly by all types of stereotypes while living in our environment. When we get around multiple people who like us, we want to experience it all. Almost in the same instance why the girl who is known as a whore, becomes one. It is a psychological thing. If you are told for a long time that you are no good and that you can’t make it, when you get it, you splurge. Plain and simple. The past of a person determines how they act. So now think of black parents and their children, what economic class they are in while experiencing something similar to just the “black man”. How do you think the parent feels as they see their child go. How many black men or women do you know where their parents have been together for years and their parents made a job that would be noticed as middle class wages.

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Name : DavidG., Gender : Male, Sexual Orientation : Straight, Race : Black/African American, Religion : Spiritualistl, minimalist and pro humanity, Age : 27, City : New York, State : NY Country : United States, Occupation : Technical Analyst, Social class : Lower middle class,