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Sometimes you actually need to spit. For instance on the rugby field. When you’re out running around and tackling people, you get thirsty and your spit gets sticky. So you spit on the pitch and everyone does it. It’s kind of gross that you may touch someone else’s spit, but when you get mud in your mouth, ears, and underwear, and other people’s sweat can end up in your mouth by accident (it’s true, when you’re neck to neck, heads under shoulders, it can drip in the front row of the scrum), spit is a secondary concern. So my question is how are guys generally able to spit farther and harder than girls? Someone tried to show me once and it didn’t work, I still have to bend down to spit, but the problem may be exacerbated by the fact that I have to take medicine that makes me dehydrated so the spit is stickier and probably harder to spit far.

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