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i’m a muslim this is the story in our holy book the koraan: satan told adam that if he eats from that tree he’ll stay forever in heaven and he kept justifing that it’ll be alright if he ate from it and so on until both him and eve ate from it together,once they did their clothes came off and they kept tearing the trees leaves to cover themselves and God put them on earth so that they ask forgivness and worship him ,thier punishment was going down from heaven to earth but God forgave them ;this is my english translation of this verse in koraan’so adam recieved from his God some words( to ask for forgivness ,as God teached him everything)then God forgave him ,for He is the Forgivor and the Blessor’. we muslims belive that this story is always repeated among everyone of us ,we sin ,we ask for forgivness(and mean it of course!) and ALLAH forgives us ..this is just another perspective of the adam and eve story

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